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Manufacturer: Watson

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Hydrocodone (Watson 853) Description

Hydrocodone (Watson) may be a semi-(produced by people/not naturally-occurring) pain-relieving drug made/created from antitussive, one among the pain-relieving drug alkaloids found within the poppy. it‘s a narcotic pain-reducing used orally for relief of not extreme/medium-level to extreme pain, however (in a group) (usually/ in a common and regular way) taken in liquid type as Business partner in Nursing antitussive/cough (desire to eat/desire for something) (something that stops something).
Hydrocodone (Watson) is prescribed mostly at periods of time (or space) the u. s., with the International Narcotics board news that ninety nine of the worldwide provide in 2007 was filled with/eaten within the U.S

Clinical Information

Click here for finish clinical data about Hydrocodone (Watson) likes utilizes, symptoms, withdrawal, habit and so forth .

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